Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dino-mite Week

**So I have a big confession.  I meant to post this on a different blog--a shared one for our preschool co-op.  But I accidentally published it to my personal blog.  I know how shocking it might be to see a new post here in...years.  And I feel somehow like I've been caught cheating or something.  {Sigh}.  Maybe if anyone sees this, I'll be tempted to do a real update on my blog.  Maybe.**

Learning about dinosaurs was a lot of fun!  I got to use a lot of ideas I've been wanting to try from Pinterest.  Hopefully we can do the field trip in a couple of months--I would love to take the kids to the museum.  I wanted to share my highlights from last week.

This is a picture of cracking open the "fossil rocks".  (I had to hold the safety goggles on so they wouldn't slip off their little heads.)  They loved the surprise of what was inside--each one had a different dinosaur or bug or ocean animal.

We used the bingo markers to "stomp" on the letters like dinosaurs.  The ink was a little messier than I would have guessed, though.  I just threw them away because the ink was so wet and Karma saw them in the garbage and was like "hey?!"  Don't you love when that happens?  Look at cute Aspen's fist in this picture, she's all intense!

They practiced tracing the letter "G" with a wet q-tip.  They did really well this, too--all them did it really slow and focused.  I'm definitely doing this again!

I loved how the moveable dinosaurs craft turned out.  They had so much fun making making them.  Karma even talked about it in her blessing on the snack!

I think every one turned out so great and unique.  It's so funny how some put a spike on the head--looks like a dinosaur party!

And to end with my favorite picture of the week...this is all the preschoolers watching a puppet show that Miranda and her dad performed for them.  They used dinosaur puppets and talked about how dinosaurs went extinct.  


Angie said...

Wow! I really wish you lived by me. I want to do a preschool co-op with you! And you should definitely start posting on here again!! Hope you're doing well.

2522 S. 1700 E. said...

I wish I were there in Denver. Maybe Jeremy and Mandi can vidoe their pupet show and post it on youtube.